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      莲山 课件 w ww.5 Y
      K J.CO

      1.[2017•长沙]We'll achieve our dreams someday ________ we keep trying and never give up.
      A.as long as 
      B.even though 
      C.so that
      2.[2017•湘潭]—I hear Susan will go to Xinjiang alone.
      —That's true. ________ her father ________ her mother will go with her.
      A.Both; and  B.Either; or  C.Neither; nor
      3.[2017•邵阳] ________ Lily is only five years old, ________ she can swim very well.
      A.Though; but  B.Because; so  C.Though; /
      4.[2017•益阳]I didn't realize he was a famous scientist ________ you told me.
      A.until  B.because  C.since
      5.[2017•怀化]Hurry up, ________ we'll miss the early bus.
      A.but  B.or  C.and
      6.[2017•岳阳]I'll go to visit my aunt in England ________ the summer holidays start.
      A.since  B.until  C.as soon as
      7.[2017•永州]Frank will fall behind in studies ________ he works hard from now on.
      A.unless  B.because  C.if
      8.[2017•河南改编]The actor was happy he got a part in a movie, ________ the part was a small one.
      A.since  B.while  C.though
      9.[2017•遵义] ________ Kate ________ Ben is late. They always go to school on time.
      A.Either; or  B.Neither; nor  C.Both; and
      10.[2017•铜仁改编]He studies hard all the time, ________ he has made rapid progress in many ways.
      A.so  B.because  C.but
      11.[2017•黔南改编]Many students didn't realize the importance of study ________ they left school.
      A.when  B.until  C.as
      12.[2017•六盘水改编] Every day, he gets up early ________ he can catch the first bus.
      A.because  B.since  C.so that
      13.[2017•贵阳]Huangguoshu Waterfall is ________ beautiful that I want to come here again next year.
      A.so  B.too  C.such
      14.[2017•来宾改编]—Did you win the match last night?
      —Not really. ________ we all did our best, we lost it at last.
      A.Though  B.If  C.Unless
      15.[2017•福建]The students were singing happily ________ I passed the school hall.
      A.when  B.unless  C.though
      16.[2017•广西北部湾经济区改编] His mother doesn't like to throw away old things ________ they are useless.
      A.but  B.because  C.even if
      17.[2017•贵港改编]I didn't see Molly last week.
      —________ I know. She has goes to Singapore.
      A.As far as  B.As long as  C.As soon as
      18.[2017•咸宁改编]—What have you learnt after three years' study in China, Maria?
      —I was taught ________ knowledge ________ good manners.
      A.either; or 
      B.not only; but also 
      C.neither; nor
      19.[2017•广东]“A white elephant” means something that is useless, ________ it may cost a lot of money.
      A.unless  B.until  C.although
      20.[2017•山西]Our teachers have been with us for nearly three years ________ we came to junior high school. We should thank them for what they have done for us.
      A.until  B.before  C.since
      21.[2017•十堰改编]—You look so tired. What's wrong?
      —I didn't go to bed ________ I finished watching In the Name of People last night.
      A.until  B.if  C.though
      22.[2017•青岛改编]Jack's mother was so tired. She felt asleep ________ she lay down on the bed.
      A.until  B.as soon as  C.unless
      23.[2017•临沂改编]My arm is still painful, ________ I'm going to see a doctor.
      A.so  B.for  C.but
      24.[2017•东营改编]WeChat Pay(微信支付) makes our life convenient. We can buy things ________ we don't take any money.
      A.unless  B.because  C.even if
      25.[2017•滨州改编]—I want to be a teacher when I grow up.
      —Work hard, ________ your dream will come true.
      A.or  B.but  C.and
      26.[2017•乐山]—Did you say anything to your parents ________ they shouted at you?
      —No, I was afraid to talk back. They looked really serious and scary.
      A.unless  B.why  C.when
      27.[2017•咸宁改编]—Celia, join us in the Super Summer Camp if it ________ this weekend.
      —I'd love to. But nobody knows if it ________.
      A.is fine; rains 
      B.is fine; will rain
      C.will be fine; will rain
      28.[2017•贺州改编]We should study hard ________ we can get much knowledge.
      A.when  B.so that  C.unless
      29.[2017•河北改编]Mom won't let Dick go out ________ he promises to be back by 10:00 tonight.
      A.if  B.when  C.unless
      30.[2017•天水改编] ________ my sister ________ I do well in our lessons. My mother is very proud of us.
      A.Not; but  B.Neither; nor  C.Both; and
      31.[2017•达州改编]—Does your mother have a hobby?
      —No, ________ you call going shopping a hobby.
      A.unless  B.because  C.although
      32.[2017•天津改编]It's not always safe to pay over the Internet, ________ you should be careful.
      A.so  B.after  C.because
      33.[2017•泰州改编]—What do you think of my article, Mr. Andrew?
      —Er…, it is wonderful ________ there are some spelling mistakes.
      A.since  B.though  C.if
      34.[2017•随州改编]—What ________ if they ________ to the meeting late?
      —Sorry, I don't know.
      A.will happen; go  B.happened; go  C.happens; will go

      35.[2017•安徽改编]Hold your dream, ________ you might regret some day.
      A.and  B.or  C.but
      36.[2018•原创]Dangal is ________ moving film that I couldn't help crying when I watched it.
      A.such a  B.such  C.so
      37.[2018•原创]She's active, ________ she is afraid of speaking in public.
      A.and  B.or  C.but
      38.[2018•原创]The poor boy can't go to school ________ the sudden flood.
      A.so  B.because  C.because of
      39.[2018•原创]There are ________ many people who like Square Dancing that no one can even stop them from dancing in spite of rainy days or snowydays.
      A.such  B.so  C.such a
      40.[2018•原创] ________ the famous actor Andy Lau got hurt, he returned to Hong Kong to receive good treatment.
      A.Until  B.Since  C.After
      1—5 ACCAB 6—10 CACBA 11—15 BCAAA
      16—20 CABCC 21—25 ABACC
      26—30 CBBCC 31—35 AABAB
      36—40 ACCBC

      莲山 课件 w ww.5 Y
      K J.CO



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