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      时间:2011-07-17 作者:佚名 试题来源:网络


      文 章
      来源 莲山 课件 w w
      w.5 Y k J.cOM

      (   ) 1. —Could you do _______  for me, please?
      —Yes, with pleasure.
      A. something   B. anything   C. nothing  D. everything
      (   ) 2. Your cartoon books are very interesting. Where did you buy _______? I want to buy _______, too.
      A. one; one  B. them; it C. them; some  D. one; ones
      (   ) 3. —Jim takes _______ his father.
      —You mean he is similar _______ his father?
      A. for; as  B. to; with C. after; to  D. away; from
      (   ) 4. —Would you help me _______, Mr Lin?  This question’s too hard for me.
      —OK. Let me try.
      A. after   B. out       C. up      D. with
      (   ) 5. —We get knowledge _______ from books _______ from life.
      —Yes, both are important.
      A. either; or B. neither; nor   C. not; but      D. not only; but also
      (   ) 6. I _______ half an hour reading English in the morning. And it helps me a lot.
      A. cost     B. spend   C. take   D. pay
      (   ) 7. Let’s _______ planting the trees until to-morrow. I think it’s going to rain.
      A. put on    B. put up  C. put off   D. put down
      (   ) 8. The good news of our football team winning the game _______ everybody there.
      A. cheered out  B. cheered up  C. cheered on  D. cheered for
      (   ) 9. My elder sister _______ a way to work out the math problem.
      A. thought  B. ran across  C. came up with   D. went through
      (   )10. —The sound of the radio is too loud. Will you please _______?
      —Sorry, I’m trying to find out what’s wrong with it.
      A. turn it down B. turn it on  C. turn it off  D. turn it up
      (   )11. Last weekend, an English play was _______ in the school hall.
      A. put in   B. put down  C. put on   D. put up
      (   )12. After a _______ training, my dog became quite smart.
      A. six months long          B. six month long
      C. six-month-long          D. six-months-long
      (   )13. My computer has broken down. I’ll have it _______ now.
      A. repairs           B. repairing    
      C. to repair         D. repaired 
      (   )14. —What was Jimmy going to do?
      —He was going to put _______ some signs _______  old books.
      A. up; asking for     B. on; to ask to  
      C. up; asking to         D. down; asking for
      (   )15. —Thank you for helping me.
      A. That’s right       B. My pleasure   
      C. No, no thanks     D. It doesn’t matter
      I haven’t written my blog(博客) for two weeks because I’ve been really busy with my work. And for me, being busy is being   16  , for I really like my work. I have been finishing up my volunteer work for Doctors Without Borders. I   17   some Wharton classmates around to see Shanghai (actually, to see Shanghai bars), and also hung out with some online friends I met on PopEnglish. It’s too bad I don’t have   18   to actually meet all the people I’ve met on this website—sometimes I hardly have time to   19   the messages I get from the other friends. But I have had a lot of fun meeting the online friends, and it’s also been a great way to   20   my Chinese.
      I have two more weeks    21   in Shanghai and then I go to New York for training with Morgan Stanley. In early September I will move to Hong Kong to   22   work with Morgan’s Asia Special Situations Group. I will mostly be covering China, and will come here often   23    business trips. But I will not necessarily go to places like Beijing and Shanghai,   24  , often to 2nd and 3rd tier(等级) cities. That’s always   25   but it can some-times be hard for a big city boy like me.
      Before I start work, I want to make sure I enjoy my stay here in Shanghai most of my last two weeks!
      (   )16. A. sad       B. useful      C. tired        D. happy
      (   )17. A. sent    B. showed      C. provided     D. supported
      (   )18. A. time       B. money       C. places       D. fun
      (   )19. A. write    B. reply   C. answer     D. send
      (   )20. A. learn    B. speak   C. listen to     D. practice
      (   )21. A. left    B. paid          C. spent         D. taken
      (   )22. A. look for   B. choose   C. use      D. start
      (   )23. A. with       B. to          C. by       D. on
      (   )24. A. otherwise   B. instead   C. though     D. or
      (   )25. A. awful    B. sad       C. interesting  D. special
      1. Become a volunteer and help those who need your help in your community(社区)!Volunteer work includes helping the poor, helping the families whose houses were destroyed by natural disasters or creating green space for neighborhood families. Whichever service activity you choose, you have the “power of one” to make a difference and create a real change in the community!
      2. Our holiday volunteer jobs are open to all Americans. You don’t need any special skills to join and there are no age limits(限制). With Biosphere Expedition(生物探险), you can be a wildlife and environmental volunteer for anywhere from two weeks to two months. You’ll work with local scientists, and the leaders from Biosphere Expedition will be by your side.
      3. We need students at the age of 16 and up who study at school and want a chance to use their talents, skills and knowledge to help the little kids. Most of them have enough patience and are warm-hearted. Join the Volunteer Service Center today!
      Volunteers are the greatest people in the world. Let’s work together to make the world a better place.
      (   )26. The volunteers can _______ in the com-munity.
      A. look after pets              B. help the poor people
      C. buy houses for the homeless   D. clean up the yards
      (   )27. The Biosphere Expedition is probably held _______.
      A. for three months             B. in summer vacation
      C. only by local scientists        D. between America and China
      (   )28. If Wu Dong is _______ years old, he may join the Volunteer Service Center.
      A. 11       B. 13        C. 15  D. 17
      (   )29. Which of the following is TRUE?
      A. The volunteer should create green space for all the families.
      B. The volunteer can choose any service activity in the community.
      C. To do the holiday volunteer work, special skills are required.
      D. A boy who doesn’t study at school can be a volunteer to help the little kids.
      (   )30. What is the BEST title for these three ads?
      A. Volunteers Wanted  
      B. A Job Interview  
      C. An Expedition Club  
      D. Education Service 
      Have you been asked for money by some disabled beggars(乞丐) while you’re enjoying shopping? Do you have any pity on them who are so poor and lonely or do you just feel afraid of their terrible shapes? As one of the most special groups, disabled people’s living conditions—not only their material(物质的) conditions, but their mental(精神的) world, really need improvement.
      The treatment for disabled people should go like this: First, don’t look down upon them. Don’t be afraid of looking at the terrible shapes of the disabled. Try to treat them equally. Because they are a part of the society(社会), we can’t discard(抛弃) them. The second is to help them as much as we could. If you can be a volunteer and do some work for the disabled people, that would be very nice. That does help not only to the disabled people but also to yourself because you will feel good after your kind action.
      If every one of us gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful wonderland!
      (   )31. From the passage we can see that _______.
      A. disabled people are poor, but they are happy
      B. all disabled people ask for money from those who are shopping
      C. disabled people’s living conditions are not good
      D. no one would like to help disabled beggars
      (   )32. The underlined word “equally” means “ _______” in Chinese.
      A. 平等地  B. 确切地    C. 正确地  D. 恰当地
      (   )33. Most disabled people are begging(乞讨) along the streets because _______.
      A. it’s their job     
      B. they want to make a living in this way
      C. more and more people love to help them
      D. they are a part of the society
      (   )34. People have pity on disabled beggars because _______.
      A. they are homeless   B. they are poor and lonely
      C. they have terrible shapes D. they are discarded
      (   )35. Which of the following statements is TRUE?
      A. The disabled like to beg in streets.
      B. Disabled beggars cannot work to make a living.
      C. Disabled beggars are not usually treated equally.
      D. The best way to help disabled beggars is to give them lots of money.
      The telephone rang in my ninth-grade high school classroom. “Jenny, please come to the guidance office!” As I walked down the hall, I thought about why. To my joy, I was told that I was not in trouble and that just someone needed to talk with me. I was called because I was a member of the Breakfast Club (B.C.).
      The Breakfast Club is not a club where one eats breakfast. It is an organization of students started thirteen years ago because of a young student’s suicide(自杀).
      The B.C. gives us a chance to talk to our peers(同龄人) about anything on their minds and in their hearts. Our motto(格言): We care but we don’t cure. The club members include Asians, blacks, whites, athletes, musicians, and students with all levels of achievement. The criteria(标准) for belonging to the group is to be a good listener, to be able to come up with ideas, and not give advice! We didn’t know each other in the beginning, but we became good friends after all the training and experiences we went through.
      The call led me to a one-on-one meeting with the girl who had asked me down to the office. It seems that she had found her roommate cutting her wrist(手腕). Luckily, it was stopped on time. So she wanted me to help her roommate.
      (   )36. After Jenny answered the phone, she _______.
      A. knew why she was called            
      B. didn’t know what was happening to her
      C. was very happy and excited          
      D. talked with her friends in the classroom
      (   )37. The Breakfast Club is an organization ______.
      A. that provides students with breakfast
      B. that provides breakfast free of charge
      C. that encourages students to speak out their thoughts   
      D. that gives advice on food
      (   )38. The B.C. was started because _______.
      A. a student killed himself
      B. students needed a place to eat breakfast
      C. students were willing to volunteer
      D. a student tried to cut her wrist
      (   )39. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?
      A. The author belongs to the club.
      B. The club members are made up of people with different jobs.
      C. Anyone can become a member of the B. C. if he wants to.
      D. Members in the B.C. didn’t know each other in the beginning.
      (   )40. The author tries to tell us _______.
      A. how to stop a suicide               B. what B.C. is and its importance
      C. her interesting experience           D. how strict her school is 
      A volunteer is someone who performs or offers to perform a service out of his own free will(自愿), often without payment. The year 2001 was the International Year of the Volunteer. 2005 was the UK Year of the Volunteer.
      Some volunteer for clinical trials(临床试验) or other medical research. (A) Some may even donate their bodies to scientific research after their death.
      An online volunteer is a person who spends time and effort with an organization through an online connection, (B) rather than in person. A great number of people from around the world are online volunteers. Online volunteers can provide help in many fields. The practice of offering online help goes by other names.
      There are many opportunities for people to donate their services using the internet. Online volunteers can do (C) a variety of tasks. Young or old, anyone can spend his spare time online offering some help as an online volunteer. Are you ready to be an online volunteer?
      41. What is a volunteer?
      42. How can an online volunteer work?
      43. 将(A)句译成汉语。
      44. (B)处 rather than 可以换成:
      45. (C)处a variety of汉语意思是:
      46. Tony wanted to sell his old car, so he put an _________ on the newspaper.
      47. In India, people often train elephants to help _________ heavy wood.
      48. Her brother is _________, so he was unable to hear what you said just now.
      49. Don’t forget to _________ the door and the windows when you leave.
      50. Lily always _________ her schoolbag with books when she leaves for home.
      51. It is necessary for them to support and help each other during this sports event.(改为同义句) 
      It is necessary _________ _________ support and help each other during this sports event.
      52. Lisa began to work in a computer factory ten years ago.(改为同义句)
      Lisa _________ _________ in a computer factory for ten years.
      53. We have known each other since we were children.(对画线部分提问)
      ________ ________ have you known each other?
      54. There is only one hour left. We must use the time well.(改为同义句)
      There is only one hour left. We must ________  the time ________ ________ ________.
      55. The first five people who finish the walk will receive a prize.(改为同义句)
      The first five people ________ ________ the walk will receive a prize.
      you, little, hold, raise, organize

      Our school (56)_________ a walk for the homeless. We want to raise money for Oxfam. The name of the event is called Walk for the Homeless. We hope to help the homeless by (57)_________ money. It is also a good chance to exercise our body.
      The walk will be (58)_________ on Saturday, April 5. It starts at 8 am. You need to walk from Moon Street to North Hill. If you take part in the walk, you’d better donate at (59)_________ ¥10. You can get a souvenir if you are one of the first 5 people to finish the walk. If you finish the walk within 5 hours, you will receive a certificate(证书).
      It’s a good chance to help others in need! It’s a good chance to challenge (60)_________.
      阳光中学(Sunshine Secondary School)组织了一次为贫困失学儿童捐款的活动。同学们把自己的玩具、用过的书籍以及文具(stationery)拿到学校卖给其他同学,将所得的钱捐给?#25353;?#34174;工程(Spring Bud Project)”。请你根据提示把这?#20301;?#21160;记录下来。词数:80左右。
      提示:1. 活动时间: 2007年6月27日;
              地点: 阳光中学;
            2. 同学们积极捐献,积极购买;
      3. 感谢老师、?#25913;浮?#21516;学的帮助;
            4. 帮助失学儿童重返校园很有意义。

      1-15    ACCBD    BCBCA    CCDAB
      16-25    DBACD    ADDBC    
      26-40    BBDBA    CABBC    BCACB 
      41. A volunteer is someone who does a job without being paid for it.
      42. He or she offers help to an organization through an online connection.
      43. 有些志愿者甚至可能死后把遗体捐献出来,供科学研究。
      44. instead of  45. 多样?#27169;?#21508;种各样的46. advertisement / ad 47. carry 48. deaf  
      49. shut   50. fills  51. that they   52. has worked  53. How long    54. put; to good use         55. to finish  56. will organize  57. raising 58. held   59. least  60. yourself / yourselves
      One possible version:
      On June 27th, 2007, Sunshine Secondary School organized a fund-raising activity for the poor children. Those poor children had to leave school because they didn’t have enough money to go to school. All the students took an active part in the event. They brought their used toys, books and stationery to school and sold them. The toys were so cute and the books were so useful that many students bought one or two. All the money was donated to Spring Bud Project. It was meaningful to help the poor children go back to school.

      文 章
      来源 莲山 课件 w w
      w.5 Y k J.cOM



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