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      [初一英语试题]Where is it? 精选题库

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        1. There is ______egg on the plate(盘子).______egg is for you.
        A. a, A B. an, An C. an, The D. the, An

        2. One morning he found a bag. There was ______"s" on the corner(角落) of______ bag.
        A. a, a B. a, the C. an, a D. an, the

        3. _______apple on the table is wei fangs.
         A. An   B. A   C./   D. The

      答案:1.C 2.B 3.D


        1. A: Where is my football? I can’t find it. Can you see it?

          B: Yes, I can. Come here…. Look! It’s _____________ the door.

      A. on B. at C. behind D. under

        2. A: _____ you see the birds? B: Sorry, I ___________.

      A. Do… do B. Can…can’t C. Can… can D. Are… am not

        3. This is _________ banana. That is __________ orange. _______ banana is big and __________ orange is small.

        A. a ,an , The, the    B. an , The, A , an

        C. a , the , A , the   D. a ,an , A , an

        4. The twin brothers in Class Two are in __________ same row.

        A. an  B /  C.  a D. the

        5. ----Tom, Please _______ after your mother at home today. I must go to work.

        ---- Don’t worry, Dad. I can do it.

        A. see B. look C. say D. go

        6. -----Where are the boys? Are they in the classroom?

        ----- No, they aren’t. They are ________ the trees now.

        A. on B. at C. to D. in

        7. I think he can see the picture _______ the wall.

        A. in B. under C. on D. at

        8. Everyone can see the hole(洞穴)_______ the wall.

        A. on B. in C. at D. to

        9. Can you see the books and pencils? Put _____ your desk, please.

      A. them in B. it in C. in it D. in them

        10. ----- Where are Lucy and Lily?

        ----- _________. I think they are in the classroom.

        A. I am sorry B. I can’t see them C. Yes, here you are

        11. ----Can you see the _______.

        ---- No, I can’t see them.

        A. ball B. bus C. car D. pencils

        12 ---- _______ is my bag ?

        ----- It’s behind the door.

        A. What B. How C. Where D. Who

        答案:1. C 2. B 3. A 4. D 5. B 6. D 7. C 8. B 9. A 10. B 11. D 12. C


      ( A )

        A: Excuse me! I can’t _______ my cat. _______ you know ?

        B: Sorry, I ________. _____ it ________ the door ?

        A: No.

        B: Is it ________ the chair?

        A: No.

        B: OK, I see it. It’s _______ the bed.

        A: Yes, you are _____. I see it, _____. _______.

      ( B )

        A: What picture _____ this?

        B: _____ a picture _______ a classroom.

        A: What can you____ on ____?

        B: I _____ see forty ______ in the classroom.

        A: Yes, the students are in it.

        A: _____ is the teacher?

        B: She’s at the back ______ the room. She _____ 30 years old

      ( C )


        M: Excuse me! Li Tao. ____1____? _____2______. Do you know ?

        N: Oh, sorry, ____3___. Are they under the chair?

        M: No, ____4___.

        N: Are they on the floor?

        M: No, they aren’t.

        N: ____5___?

        M: Oh, ___6___. They’re behind the door. ____7____.

        N: That’s right.

        A. Thank you very much B. I don’t know

        C. I can see them D. they aren’t

        E. Where are my balls F. I can’t find them

        G. Are they behind the door

        答案:(A) find; Do; don’t; Is; behind; on / under / behind; under; right; too; Thanks

        (B) is; It’s; of; see; it; can; students; Where; of; is;

        (C) 1. E 2. F 3. B 4. D 5. G 6. C 7. A


        1. My books in my bag.

        2. Where is an egg? It is in the table.

        3. Two doors are on the wall.

        4. Lanzhuo is at Gansu.

        5. What can you look at in the picture?

        6. Can you see a girl? She is my friend.


        1. My books are in my bag.

        2. Where is the egg? It is in / on the table.

        3. Two doors are in the wall

        4. Lanzhuo is in Gansu.

        5. What can you see in the picture?

        6. Can you see the girl? She is my friend.


      ( A )

      判断正( T )误( F )

        Look at this picture. It is a nice classroom. In the picture you can see the teacher’s desk, eight desks and chairs. You can see a boy and two girls.

        The boy’s name is Jim. He is eleven. The girl in the hat is Lucy. The other girl is Lily. They have the same coats and they are the same ages. I think they are twins. Lily’s pencils are in the pencil-box. The box is on the desk. Lucy’s books are on the teacher’s desk. You can’t see the teacher. Where is the teacher? It is a secret.

        ( ) 1. This is a picture of a classroom.

        ( ) 2. You can see three students in the picture.

        ( ) 3. The books on the teacher’s desk are Jim’s.

        ( ) 4. Lily’s pencils aren’t in her pencil-box.

        ( ) 5. Their teacher is behind the desk.

      ( B )


        Come and look at the picture. It’s a picture of a Chinese family. The man in the black coat is Zhang Wan Li. The woman next to him is Su Fang. They are Chinese teachers. The boy is Zhang Wan Li and Su Fang’s son. He is fifteen. He is in the middle school. The little girl is the boy’s sister. She is only seven. She is not a student. Her name is Zhang Xiao Hua. Xiao Hua is very young, but she can speak a little English. She can say “Goodbye. Thank you”.

        ( ) 1. Zhang Wan Li and Su Fang have ______________.

        A. two books B. three rooms C. two children D. two sons

        ( ) 2. The boy’s name is ___________.

        A. Zhang Li B. we don’t know C. Su Jun D. Zhang Xiaohua

        ( ) 3. The boy is ________ and the girl is ___________.

        A. 13; 7 B. 13; 15 C. 7; 15 D. 15; 7

        ( ) 4. Zhang Wan Li’s son is a ____________.

        A. student B. teacher C. boy D. girl

        ( ) 5. Zhang Xiao Hua is Su Fang’s _____________.

        A. sister B. mother C. daughter D. son

        答案:( A ) 1. T 2. T 3. F 4. F 5. F

      ( B ) 1. C 2. B 3. D 4. A 5. C


        题目:My bedroom



        1.Where is the duck (鸭子) ? Its____ the box.

        2.Look! The duck is _______ the box now.

        3.The duck is _______ the box.

        4.Where is the duck now? Oh, its _______ the box.

        答案:1.in 2.on 3.under 4.behind


        David: Whats this ______ English?

        Ann: ______ a map of China.

        David: ______ Shenzhen? Do you know?

        Ann: Is it _____ Hong Kong?

        David: Yes, _____ ______ . ______ ______Han Kou, Hanyang and Wuhan?

        Ann: Are they ______ Wuhan?

        David: Yes, you ______ ______.

        答案:in; Its; Wheres; near; it is; Where are; in; are right

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